Incredible Inspirations

Incredible Inspirations is a multidimensional platform focused on non-business initiatives and projects of Sebastian Kulczyk such as inspiring books, research and analysis, reports, workshops, acceleration programs, debates and trainings designed to build the competences of young Polish entrepreneurs.

The key project of Incredible Inspirations is the InCredibles program – a comprehensive, tailor-made acceleration and mentoring program initiated by Sebastian Kulczyk in 2017 that supports young Polish companies in the field of new technologies.


InCredibles is a tech acceleration program focused on supporting talented entrepreneurs from across Central and Eastern Europe in launching disruptive businesses. InCredibles has had over 700 companies apply for 10 finalist spots across its two editions. Partners included Campus Warsaw, Startup Poland and IBM Poland.

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Singularity University

Singularity University is a Silicon Valley think tank that offers educational programmes and focuses on developing scientific progress and „exponential” technologies. Singularity University offers an annual 10-week summer programme as well as a conference series, classes, and a business incubator for start-ups and corporate teams. In 2017 Sebastian Kulczyk, a Singularity University graduate himself, initiated the Warsaw Chapter and continues to support this influential think tank.

Global Impact Challenge

Sebastian Kulczyk also supports the Polish edition of Global Impact Challenge – an instrument of the SingularityU to foster moonshot innovations and startups that positively impact the lives of people living in Poland, with an ability to scale and impact a billion people worldwide in 10 years. The winner receives a seat at the SU Ventures Incubator Program. The Incubator Program is a 10-week program that fosters the development of viable start-ups (for profit or not-for profit).


Manta Ray Ventures supported The International News Media Association (INMA) and their launch of the “TOMORROWnauts”, an award programme highlighting excellence in audience, revenue, and brand development by disruptive media businesses. The initiative was created by Kulczyk Investments and Gazeta Wyborcza in order to promote talented and inspiring founders from diverse industries that have the power to shape the future of new media.

The Open Bank of Agreements

The Open Bank of Agreements (OBA) was a collaboration with Startup Poland to provide open-sourced legal documents for entrepreneurs in Poland and the Central and Eastern European market. Through the OBA platform, entrepreneurs can easily access the basic legal documents required for starting companies and raising capital, including term sheets, convertible loan note agreements and grant agreements. The documents were drafted by legal experts from Snażyk Granicki and Kulczyk Investments.